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Black Widows Poker Run
Held every year for more than 10 years now the Black Widows Poker Run is held in Sacremento, California. All the proceeds for this charitable event are donated towards the Shriners Hospital for Children in North California. Everybody is welcome and you can look forward to dinner and live music at the final stop.
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Ramey Fire Company
The Ramey Fire Company Station hold regular poker runs throughout the year as part of their fundraising events. Check out their website to see details about the dates of the poker runs and for admission prices, times and information.
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Poker Runs America
Find details of performance boating poker runs on the Poker Runs America website. Here you will find the dates of all the major poker runs including the Lauderdale Poker Run, the 1000 Islands Poker Run, the Rockland Poker Run and more.
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Kids Ride For Life
The Kids Ride for Life are a non profit organisation that was created to help children and their families that are suffering from an illness. They intend to organise a poker run each year as they are motorbike enthusiasts and all the proceeds will go to a chosen charity. Check out this website to see when the next poker run is being held and details about the chosen charity.
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Key West Poker Run
Every year there is a poker run event held in Florida which starts in Miami and ends in Key West which is over 100 miles via the Overseas Highway. Check out this website to see when the next Key West Florida Annual Poker Run is being held.
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Lake Cumberland Poker Run
The Poker Run which is held at Lake Cumberland each year is rated as one of the best in the country, featuring over 150 of the fastest high performance boats this years race is expected to attract tens of thousands of spectactors. Take a look at their website for complete details about racing or visiting as a spectator and see pictures from previous years events.
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Delta Poker Run
This is an annual event held in Missouri which is held to raise funds for the Delta Battery soldiers and their families. They welcome all visitors and participants can use any vehicle or motorbikes, they start off with a hearty breakfast and finish with a BBQ cookout after the poker run. Check the website for more info and register yourself online if you wish to participate.
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Long Lake
Long Lake in New York is packed with exciting events, fun and information. The Long Lake features a poker run event called the Moonlight Poker Run taking place on Racquette Lake and Long Lake from February 8 to 9 2013! The Lakes provides an unspoilt forest which gives families an ideal destination to recreate, play, relax, hike and get away from the noisy city life. The quiet solitude and great outdoors is the benchmark of Long Lake!
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Poker Run 2013
Poker Run 2012 which benefits EAA Chapter 282 Young Eagles Scholarship Fund, will be held on 9th February 2012 in Florida. EAA or the Experimental Aircraft Association is made up of pilots, builders of aircrafts and aviation enthusiasts that are committed to promoting general aviation. The association is based in Clearwater, Florida. The poker run event will directly send its proceedings to EAA to further enhance their activities on general aviation. Join in the fun and excitement of Florida's EAA Poker Run event in 2013!
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Emerald Coast Poker Run
Welcome to Emerald Coast Poker Run event which is a charity organization that raises money by organizing poker run events in the country to help local youth organizations. Many of these local youth groups depend heavily on the money coming through poker run events, and the Emerald Coast Poker Run warmly invites individuals and families in and around the area to join in the fun, excitement and giving of their time and energy to help young people who are disadvantaged in society!
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Key West Poker Run
The Key West Poker Run 2012 will be held from September 13-16! The Phil Peterson Harley Davidson club has held poker run events annually in order to benefit charity in the past thirty years. Key West Florida 80 miles north of Cuba and is the most southern point in the country. Considered a historical city, it comes with a unique, Caribbean look and wood building, ideal for those that enjoy riding! Attractions at the Key West poker run include custom bike shows, tattoo contest, live music, raffles, pool party and vendors!
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Memorial Poker Run Ohio
You can join this poker run event in Ohio, their mission is to fund local cancer charities and local cancer patients. See their website to find details of the next annual event and check out their photos of past events.
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River Road Riders
River Road Riders poker run event will be held in January 2013! The poker run event will be combined with the likes of a snowmobile raffle draw, overnight club trip to the Four Seasons Hotel, slugfest at the Lake Mary Fire Tower and end of season wrap up meeting at the Porterfield Town Hall. For those interested in joining the poker run event, or becoming a member of River Road Riders, simply contact the group through the contact page or register for your free account on the website!
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Laconia Rally
The Laconia Rally is dedicated to motorcycle poker run events and entertainment. The events begin on 7 July in Concord, New Hampshire and it includes delicious BBQ cookout, cold beverages and an exciting bike show. The site provides a wealth of information on the up and coming events of the Laconia Rally including the Motorcycle Boot Camp, Hospice and Palliative Care Poker Run, NH Police Fire Foundation Annual Bike Run and Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce Poker Run just to name a few!
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Big Als Poker Run
Big Al's Poker Run event will be held on February 2013! This is the 33rd time the custom of a poker run event will be honored. The site features photos and articles of the past event, held in 2012. Participants can submit their data on the form listed on Big Al's website. Others simply interested in watching the poker run event have only got to show up, and enjoy the day eating great food, attending awards and dancing the night away!
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Barefoot Poker Run
The Barefoot Poker Run event will be held on May 26, 2013! The event will coincide with memorial day weekend. The start destination is Bull Shoals, and participants can bring their own boat or rent one at the boat rentals. No skill is required for participants to take part in the Barefoot poker run event, simply follow the instructions on the map. This is not a race, it is your time to mingle with good people and enjoy the lake!
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Cedarville Snow Travelers
Come ride the Northwestern trails of Illinois, in the next poker run event in January of 2013! Browse through the gallery and see for yourself the exciting poker run event held in 2012, and get ready for an entertaining time in the New Year! The aim of Cedarville is to focus on the enjoyment and advancement of safe and responsible snowmobiling with the aim of providing detailed information to members and visitors.
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Massachusetts Motorcycle
Motorcycle Events in Massachusetts features the latest news and updates on poker run events and motorcycle events in the state in 2012! For riders looking for a ride or rally, this is the place to be. Browse through the Motorcycle Events site and find the right poker run event to participate in. Join the newsletter and be notified by email of new and upcoming riding events!
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Lancefield Poker Run
The Lancefield Poker Run event is a motorcycle event held on behalf of Amber and Kaya! Amber and Kaya both suffer from a neurological condition which is what the poker run event is all about, in the hope of raising money to research more about this disease and find a cure! Join in as one of the riders or become a sponsor at the Lancefiled Poker Run event 2012!
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Ride To A Wish
Ride to a Wish 2012 is a poker run event benefitting Toby's Dream Foundation. Held from May 4-5 2012 in Columbia, North Carolina, registration is open for participants to register for the wide array of events held during the two days, which include a poker run! Make a wish come true for the thousands of children out there, and just ride on the Ride to a Wish 2012!
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ABWA Poker Run
The ABWA Boating Poker Run event is scheduled for May 19, 2012! The event promises to be filled with live entertainment, grand prizes, great food and loads of door prizes! Poker run enthusiasts can register for the event by filling out the registration and sponsorship forms of 2012 found on the website. Check out the photo galley of past poker run events of the ABWA!
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Hot Night In The City 2012
The 2012 Hot Night in the City poker run event is open for registration. Block out Friday and Saturday August 13 in downtown Kamloops, and line the street for the annual Hot Night in the City! View webcam pictures of the up coming annual event in Kamloop, check out accommodation information and other useful data on the official website.
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Fire Fighters Poker Run
For details of this years Fire Fighters Poker Run visit this website here. While you are there you can browse through past events and see the fun that can be had at one of their poker run events.
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Frosty Balls Poker Run
The Frosty Balls Poker Run 2012 is held in Las Vegas annually. Join in the fun of riding your Harley Davidson motorcycle along with other powerhouse bikers. Raise money for charity by participating in the poker run event. Win attractive prizes amounting to over thousands of dollars along the ride! On-site registration is allowed.
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Lake Racer
The Lake Racer website features the finest 10 days of poker run events, boat races, boat shows, charity rides, shoot out and street party! Get ready for the party of the year starting on April 25 2012! Check out the Lake Racer website and sign up for the dessert storm performance boat event and other poker run events for a memorable riding experience!
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Laughlin River Run 2012
Get ready for the Laughlin River Run 2012, the largest motorcycle event on the West Coast! Set the date on your calender, April 25th 2012 and see Laughlin take the historic US route 66 by storm! Ride from Kingman to Oatman whilt resting in Colorado. The Laughlin biker event is for all biking and riding enthusiasts around the country to enjoy a day of motorcycles!
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Bell Tower Poker Run
The Bell Tower Festival Poker Run and Bike Show will be held on June 9 2012! The location is Jefferson, Iowa for all biking fans and enthusiasts! The poker run event will round off with a parade, beer and wine, car shows, a variety of vendors and great tasting food! Check out the Poker Run map and join in the route to having a fun and exciting time!
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Bama Bike Fest
Enjoy the Bama Bike Fest 2012, a deep south party for bikers. The aim of the biker party is to ensure its bikers experience an enjoyable and entertaining riding show! With tent camping available for free, food stalls and vendors, daily games and contests, biker accessories and great live entertainment, come to the Bama Bike Fest and indulge in one of the best biker parties of the year!
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Medford Cruise
The Medford Cruise is a South Oregon based poker run event, which will take place from 9th to 17th June this year! The poker run and concert will be held on the 15th of June 2012! Join in the fun and excitement of the Medford Cruise Poker Run and win some great prizes!
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Buffalo Poker Run
If you enjoy watching or joining in on poker run events, here's one for you. Check out Buffalo Poker Run 2012 on its official Twitter page. The WNYOPA will host its annual 20th poker run event in Buffalo, New York in August. Become a follower and share in the latest happenings and news of the Buffalo Poker Run 2012!
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Geo Poker Run 2012
Looking for a fun and exciting poker run event in 2012 Look no further, as you've come to the right place. The Geo Poker Run 2012 is looming ahead for all poker run fans. Taking place on the 31st March 2012, this poker run event is everything you've imagined it to be and more! Hurry and sign up for the annual Geo Poker Run 2012! Time is running out!
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Cathouse Poker Run
Welcome to the official site of the Cathouse Poker Run USA. For information on the next best poker run, tickets and and much more, check out this website and join in the fun of blazing across the country on your motorcycle!
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Thunder Roads
Thunder Roads promotes various poker runs and motorcycle events. Check out the calendar on Thunder Roads and sign up for one of the most exciting and fun poker run events in town!
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Royal Purple Poker Run
The Royal Purple Poker Run is a non profit event held in The Bayou and has grown since 2003 to become one of the favourites of boating fanatics in the region. Check out their website for details of their current event and be sure to take a look at their galleries of pictures from all of their past events since 2003. They have a great selection of pictures of the boats in the races and also a lot of pics of the hot girls in bikinis.
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